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The tourist office of Montmartre : The « To Do » for visitors of « la Butte » (the Hill)

The tourist office of Montmartre, one of the areas the most visited in Paris, in the 18th « arrondissement », informs tourists as well as the locals. Self-governed, the organisation works in collaboration with the city hall of the 18th and the local associations.

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Roger Dangueuger.

The tourist office of Montmartre, in the 18th is a unique case : it’s the only thing like this in Paris. The other touristic districts of the capital city do have tourist informations, simple branches of the tourist office of Paris. A especialness that makes the president Roger Dangueuger, a local of Montmartre for a long time, very proud. « It is our rebellious thing. We love to be different at Montmartre. But we work with the tourist office of Paris anyway. »

Nevertheless, all of it has nothing to do with vanity. Roger Dangueuger : « The creation of the tourist office in 1985 by lovers of the quarter and advantaged by Alain Juppé, responsible for the finances and co-mayor of Jacques Chirac, mayor of Paris, showed the evidence. Montmartre has been since long time the monument of Paris the most visited, behind the Eiffel Tower and the Notre-Dame Cathedral. As it is today ! »

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The Place du Tertre.

The steep streets of the top of the capital (130 metres of altitude and an amazing view over the big city) receive more than one million tourists every year (60% foreigners).The tourist office is seated in the rooms of the seat of the ancient free commune of Montmartre, place du Tertre and in front of the painters, in a small building that looks like a doll house. Its little crew (3 employees and one trainee of the tourisme school) informe with full force. The questions are often about « How to find » the house of the singer Dalida, dead since 1987, the Bateau-lavoir, famous for its studios of artists (Picasso, Mac Orlan, Max Jacob…) and the film locations, especially the one of Amélie Poulain, shot in 2001 in the 18th by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

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The organisation is planning as well to publicise a plan of “la Butte” of Montmartre in 3D in 2009.

The office sells plans, guides, organizes guided tours of “la Butte” and edits a magazine, La Gazette de Montmartre (3 issues per year). It’s a strong association of nearly 300 subscriber, especially businessmen and locals of the quarter. « Besides the tourisme we intend to connect the locals of the 18th to our activities » explains Roger Dangueuger, who is the boss of a cabaret in the quarter, as well. « In autumn, the celebration of vintages, for example, is organised in collaboration with the city hall of the arrondissement and several local associations. At the end of the last year, 70 kids were invited to take part at a paper chase in the historical places of Montmartre. »

Even if the locals questioning the office are welcome, the presidentis very openminded to the international : « We’re going to bond our relations with Japan and especially with South Corea. There’s a quarter in Seoul that looks pretty much like Montmartre. » The organisation is planning as well to publicise a plan of “la Butte” of Montmartre in 3D in 2009.


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