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Plume de radis, the leather in all its phantasy

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Sandra Baud.

In the shop window of Plume de radis, handbags, purses, shoulder bags, belts and bracelets are exposed on a white rack with ennobled lines, without any ostentation. As they are of strong and full of life, red, turquoise, orange or purple violet, the accessoires are a real eye-catcher. The forms are basic, but every piece possedes holds a catchy detail.

The sobriety of the outside is in a great contrast to the chichi in the inside. The lightened space accommodates some furniture out of wood on whom are disposed a lot of leather goods with excellent design. Cute little handbags in marbled leather, the delicate « flower brooches » or the keen bicoloured belts show without any doubt the creativity and the knowledge of Sandra Baud, the boss of the place.

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The young woman aged 39, owns de shop, 25 rue Sainte Isaure since 2004. This year, she did the bet to live of her own creations. « I created my first collection in my tiny apartment in the 18th , rue Duhesme, before I got this shop. Shoulder bags out of vinyl, ennobled by embroidery, as they are. » She shows one out of ten bags hanging on a rack.

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"Broche fleur".

Then Sandra goes to the studio space of the shop, which is separated to the rest of the shop by an old sewing machine. « It’s my working spacewith the view on the entrance door. I cut, put together and sew my models by keeping contact with my clients. It’s even more important, that I work by order. I create every time a unique piece with all the features my cliente desires. »

Rolled up sleeves, the young woman works today on an special order for an elegant cigarette etui and then it’ll be the antique croco bag, that she’ll have to look after. « It belonged to a granny, who gave it to her granddaughter. She gave it to me, so that I can provide the bag with an Indian summer. », Sandra tells. « I love objects where the past time doesn’t count », she adds smiling.

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The natural leather, the one that patinates with the years, is the basic for the designer’s work : « I choose the leather myself by piece. Leather of the cow, porc or goat, that are produced strictly under the European norms of environment. » Stored temporarily on the rack of the studio, the pieces of leather surprise by their limberness, their softness and their difference in coloration.

Sandra works without middleman. That’s why she can provide her creations for reasonable prices and adapted to the clientele (a small purse “envelope” for example costs, unique piece, 30 €). The main clientele are locals, all generations. « My activity got known by word of mouth. My clients are loyal. Plenty of them stop by passing, just for chatting ».

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When she was only little, Sandra saw herself as an psych : « It was my aunties profession. But when I went to uni, I noticed that my way was another. » She became iconographe, shampooneerer at Dessange, while she created hats, that were sold in boutiques in Paris. She quits, by taking the example of her granny who was modiste long ago in Paris. Jobless, she graduates as costumier. An internship at the luxury leather shop of Dognin, based in the 18th, is, where she acquires a taste for the leather.

Proud of the way she took, Sandra lives hereafter quite good from the activity of her small company. But the most important is, that Plume de radis, the name of a ship she saw one day in one harbour of the Mediterranee, gives her the possibility to work with her imagination. « The leather gives an endlessly way of creativity. Nothing’s forbidden ! »

Plume de radis
25 rue Sainte Isaure 75018 Paris.
06 22 74 22 26

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