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The tourist office of Montmartre : The « To Do » for visitors of « la Butte » (the Hill)

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The tourist office is seated in the rooms of the seat of the ancient free commune of Montmartre.

The tourist office of Montmartre, one of the areas the most visited in Paris, in the 18th « arrondissement », informs tourists as well as the locals. Self-governed, the organisation works in collaboration with the city hall of the 18th and the local associations. Lire la suite »


The vintages of the Clos Montmartre shot in a video

Saturday the 11th October, was the celebration of the vintages in Montmartre. But in advance the vintage in the vineyard of the Clos Montmartre had been done one month before : the 11th Septembre 2008. A look back on a agrarian day. Lire la suite »


Plume de radis, the leather in all its phantasy

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The sobriety of the outside is in a great contrast to the chichi in the inside.

In the shop window of Plume de radis, handbags, purses, shoulder bags, belts and bracelets are exposed on a white rack with ennobled lines, without any ostentation. As they are of strong and full of life, red, turquoise, orange or purple violet, the accessoires are a real eye-catcher. The forms are basic, but every piece possedes holds a catchy detail. Lire la suite »

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